Week at a Glance

A Day in the life of an alabama boys stater

Sunday- Move In Day

  • Delegates arrive on the campus of Troy University.
  • Delegates attend their first city meeting and General Session
  • Boys State Orientation
  • The Beginning of the Nationalist & Federalist Party Convention.

Monday- First Day of Alabama Boys State Begins!

  • Delegates awake on Day 2 to attend Flag Ceremony.
  • Each Boys State city meets to elect their Mayor, City Council, and other elected positions.
  • The newly elected leaders attend Mayor & Council School or the Senate, House, or Constitutional Convention organizational session. Delegates interested in judicial positions will attend the Boys State Law School and must pass the Boys State Bar Exam.
  • Candidates for Statewide Office must submit their declaration of candidacy.
  • Boys State sports and other extracurricular activities begin.
  • Tuesday- National & Federalist Party Primary Elections

    • The Nationalist and Federalist party hold their primary elections to determine the general election candidates.
    • Elections take place for Probate Judge, Sheriff, Coroner, and other County wide offices.
    • Boys State sports and other extracurricular activities continue.
    • Campaign Speeches are given by the Nationalist and Federalist nominee for Governor, Lt. Gov. Attorney General, State Auditor, Commissioner of Agriculture, and Public Service Commission.

    Wednesday- General Election Speeches & Election Day

    • Campaign Speeches are given by the Nationalist and Federalist nominee for the Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal & Civil Appeals.
    • The Nationalist and Federalist nominee for Governor & Lt. Governor participate in a debate. 
    • The General Election takes place in city polling stations.
    • Boys State cities continue to battle each other in sports and other extracurricular activities.
    • The inauguration for all elected offices takes place on Wednesday night.
    • Interest groups participate in their first meeting after the inauguration.
    • Delegates attend a Flag Retirement Ceremony.
    • Delegates continue to work in their interest groups.

    Thursday- The Boys State Government Gets to Work!

    • The Alabama Boys State House and Senate convene for their legislative session.
    • The Governor and his appointed cabinet and other officers meet to develop a plan to carry out his agenda.
    • Interest groups meet to continue working on their projects.
    • Boys State sports and other extracurricular activities continue.

    Friday- Alabama Boys State takes on the Capital

    • Alabama Boys State Travel to the Capitol!
    • Delegates elected to the House, Senate, and other elected state elected offices will meet with their counterpart. 
    • Delegates will visit the Rosa Parks Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.
    • Barbecue Tailgate on the Terrace
    • State Picture
    • The Boys State Concert, Play, and Awards Ceremony.

    Saturday- Alabama Boys State Graduation

    Alabama Boys State Graduation!

    A Week That Shapes A Lifetime

    Are You Ready To Join Us at the 87th Alabama Boys State?

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