June 1, 2017


To acquire an application to Alabama Boys State see your school counselor, local American Legion post, or inquire with the staff of the American Legion Department of Alabama or email at legioncj@bellsouth.net.  THE 2021 ALABAMA BOYS STATE STARTS SUNDAY 7/11 THRU GRADUATION 7/17 ON THE CAMPUS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA.

Required Forms:

Please complete all forms below and turn in to your high school counselor or your American Legion post.

In addition to the required forms above, as an additional optional opportunity, Boys Staters have the opportunity to complete the SAMSUNG Scholarship Application.  FOR THE 2021 ALABAMA BOYS STATE, ONLY JUNIORS ELIGABLE 

If you do not qualify for the Samsung application but would like to apply for the other scholarships that available, please fill the below application out:

Other Scholarship Application