Welcome to Alabama Boys State!
  • Delegates arrive on the campus of Troy University.
  • Delegates attend their first city meeting and General Session
  • Boys State Orientation
  • The Beginning of the Nationalist & Federalist Party Convention.


City Elections
  • Delegates awake on Day 2 to attend Flag Ceremony.
  • Each Boys State city meets to elect their Mayor, City Council, and other elected positions.
  • The newly elected leaders attend Mayor & Council School or the Senate, House, or Constitutional Convention organizational session.
  • Candidates for Statewide Office must submit their declaration of candidacy.
  • Boys State sports and other extracurricular activities begin.


County Elections/Party Primary Elections
  • The Nationalist and Federalist party hold their primary elections to determine the general election candidates.
  • Elections take place for Probate Judge, Sheriff, Coroner, and other County wide offices.
  • Boys State sports and other extracurricular activities continue.
  • Campaign Speeches are given by the Nationalist and Federalist nominee for Governor, Lt. Gov. Attorney General, State Auditor, Commissioner of Agriculture, and Public Service Commission.


General Election
  • Campaign Speeches are given by the Nationalist and Federalist nominee for the Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal & Civil Appeals.
  • The Nationalist and Federalist nominee for Governor & Lt. Governor participate in a debate. 
  • The General Election takes place in city polling stations.
  • Boys State cities continue to battle each other in sports and other extracurricular activities.
  • The inauguration for all elected offices takes place on Wednesday night.
  • Interest groups participate in their first meeting after the inauguration.
  • Delegates attend a Flag Retirement Ceremony.
  • Delegates continue to work in their interest groups.‚Äč


2022 Boys State Government Gets to Work!
  • The Alabama Boys State House and Senate convene for their legislative session.
  • The Governor and his appointed cabinet and other officers meet to develop a plan to carry out his agenda.
  • Interest groups meet to continue working on their projects.
  • Boys State sports and other extracurricular activities continue.


Alabama Boys State Takes on Montgomery!
  • Alabama Boys State Travel to the Capitol!
  • Delegates elected to the House, Senate, and other elected state elected offices will meet with their counterpart. 
  • Delegates will visit the Rosa Parks Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.
  • Barbecue Tailgate on the Terrace
  • State Picture
  • The Boys State Concert, Play, and Awards Ceremony.


The Grand Finale

Alabama Boys State Graduation!