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The Daily AL Boys State Blog 05/31/18

By Seth Self, City 7, Limbaugh

As Boys State delegates began to arrive this past Sunday, one common theme was prevalent among those who have attended in the past – which this week would fly by. An equally prevalent response by delegates was to scoff at those remarks. However, as Boys State begins to draw to close, it is clear that the original statement was the truth.
Today marks the last full day here at Boys State. In just one week, we’ve accomplished some great things! The elections have been conducted, the campaigns won; we have formed our own government and made our mark on the long history of this week. All of these things fail to compare to the knowledge we have learned and many things we have experienced. All of this has been done with one goal in mind: to grow our character and become better leaders.
This week has been filled with speakers, debates, elections, government and much more. Though perhaps more significantly, this week has been filled with learning experiences and many memories that we will always remember. From the memes we’ve created, to the memories we’ve made, to the friendships we’ve forged, this week will be one we will surely never forget.

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